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Astro RIA live stream: People preferred to watch daily news, local and Indonesian dramas, movies, reality shows, sports, talk shows, cartoons, concerts, sitcoms, documentaries, cooking shows, quizzes and more on a channel that is Astro RIA live stream.

Today everyone has a smartphone and internet access so it is a peak time for new channels. Through news channels official websites, Google News, and Social Media platforms, people are watching every update on their smartphones.

On the other hand, the elders prefer to watch the news on the television screen. Several news networks in the world are covering daily news and programs on their channels.

How you can watch their live streaming? Or Is Astro Ria Live streaming available? Or there streaming free or not?

Watch Astro Ria Live Stream

Astro Ria

In this post, we are discussing live Astro RIA news stream, its history, awards and achievements about Astro RIA live streaming.  You need to keep reading the article and increase your information.

These days, people are searching for live streaming in spite of watching television. From time to time, Astro RIA updated its technology and meets the customer’s needs as well.

Astro RIA History Timeline

24 hour Southeast Asia Bahasa Malaysia television channel exclusive to the Astro satellite television provider is known as Astro RIA Live. On ASTRO (All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator) in 1996, it was one of the first 22 channels to be launched.

A wide range of shows including news, local and Indonesian dramas, movies, reality shows, sports, talk shows, cartoons, concerts, sitcoms, documentaries, cooking shows, quizzes and more are presented by Astro RIA. From October 1, 2007, channel changes were made, after Astro introduced a 3-digit channel.

However, the channel is under the Astro Family package with other Malay channels like Astro Prima, Astro Oasis and channel Indonesian and Bahasa Malaysia, Astro Aruna. Astro RIA launched a show based from Mexican TV series La Academia, called Akademi Fantasia in 2003.

To become the victor, the competition mines 12 singers in a proposal. In Malaysia and Brunei, the show became so prevalent that supplement versions were made in Indonesia and Thailand. To enable Brunei viewers to cast a ballot in addition, a second season was made.

The 14 contestants rather than the original 12 were contending for the competition and the winner, Mawi turned into an instant music celebrity in its third season. In May 2006, a fourth season started.

In the world of amusement like the Era Awards broadcast, the Malaysian Film Festival, the Space Series Awards, Astro RIA also hosts various admired annual events. It also aired UMNO General Assembly live from the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC).

Astro RIA launched Bloomberg RIA News, which was fundamentally the Malay-language version of Bloomberg Malaysia in May 2002. On weekdays, the news was broadcasted at 10:45 pm. Amir Mahmood Razak was first anchor who ultimately also presented for the English version.

By Amy Mahadi, the show was made. In 2004, Bloomberg TV and Astro’s co-operation was disbanded, and the news programming became known as Berita Astro. At the end of January 2007, Berita Astro stopped production. In September 2007, it launched a new news division, in which Astro Awani was launched.

On this channel every day at 7:45 pm MST, its main news program Awani 7:45 was also simulcasted. As Singtel TV has been using the 3-digit, therefore Singtel TV is currently broadcasting this channel on Channel 608 from the time when the launch of FOX International Channels through Singtel TV.

Latest Astro RIA

Astro RIA has upgraded its news technology and enhanced broadcasting with new sets and unique features as technology is modernizing day by day and new features are coming.

Nowadays, you can watch live streaming not only on television but also on social media, on their official websites, and on Google News. On YouTube, Astro RIA uploads live streaming and updates their subscriber every moment. Thus, it is not many difficulties like in previous.

Furthermore, you can watch political news shows mostly in the evening and in night. Political views are discussed in these shows and give proposals to the investors. You must watch the live streaming and daily shows on Astro RIA in the event that you are interested in the current affairs of the Malaysia.

Upcoming Astro RIA

With technologies, the upcoming Astro RIA is innovative and uses its all resources to get information and make it possible to convey to its viewers. However, different resources are used such as Social Media platforms, and Official websites.

No one has right and a trademark to supply their news without affiliations.  Astro RIA is the one and only providers that have all rights and trademarks.

Awards & Achievements of Astro RIA

Astro RIA won the following best awards.

  • In 2012, Brand of the Year award.
  • In 2013, Brand Icon award.
  • In 2016, Malaysian Marketer of the Year award.
  • In 2017, IDC Digital Transformer Award for Malaysia.
  • In 2020, 93rd Academy Awards.
  • In 2021, Golden Disk Awards.

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